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New Jersey Ecuadorean Civic Committee

CCENJ also know as El Comite Civico Ecuatoriano de New Jersey is a non-profit  organization, established in Jersey City, New Jersey on the March 22, 2002.

The CCENJ Mission is to continue to celebrate and Ecuadorian heritage, customs and traditions. Inculcating the unity and mutual respect of Ecuadorians among themselves and strengthening relations with other ethnic groups, promoting and spreading our values to enrich the diversity of cultures that exists in the United States.

Our objectives are:

1-Unify fraternally the Ecuadorian community under the bonds of friendship, tolerance and solidarity.

2-Ensure the interests of our Ecuadorian community by ensuring that each citizen has the same equality of rights and opportunities.

3- Observe, preserve, promote and spread the most important civic dates of our country Ecuador, keeping latent love and respect for our country.

4- Actively participate in the development of the moral, cultural and civic welfare of all members of our community, encouraging the educational and social progress of it.

5- Get to get a place where our office works, in order to provide the necessary services to our community.

6-Work together with the authorities, both the local government and the Ecuadorian government, especially the Consulate General of Ecuador and its official representatives, always seeking the well-being of the Ecuadorians living in the United States.

Our motto is:

“United serving our community”

In the face of the concern to have an organization representative of the Ecuadorian community in the Garden State, the first partners, as founders Mrs. Patricia Zurita, Mrs. Josefa Blashcke, Mr. Jaime Porras, Dr. Marcelo Arboleda and Mr. Luis Alvarado.

The Ecuadorian Civic Committee of NJ is an organization that observes, preserves, promotes and disseminates the most important civic dates of our country Ecuador, keeping latent love and respect for our country. Taking care of the interests of our Ecuadorian community ensuring that each citizen has the same equality of rights and opportunities.

Among the achievements are:

The bonds of friendship and cooperation with the authorities of the United States and of our country Ecuador, without belonging to any political party.

We have been part of Ecuador’s electoral processes, actively working on the New Jersey general elections and elections.

To maintain the trust of our sponsors, for the development of the events. The support of the community towards the organization in each of our activities and. Finally the union, respect and understanding between the partners.

The Ecuadorean Civic Committee of NJ, also stands out for its efforts for the most needy, benefiting vulnerable sectors such as: children from rural schools in the cities of Esmeraldas, Quito, Ambato, and Eastern region. Elders’ dining room of the Josefine Fathers in the city of Ambato Ecuador. In addition scholarships have been awarded to outstanding compatriot students, as well as the delivery of food baskets to low-income families here in the United States.

In the ten years of the Civic Committee, they have acted as presidents:

Mrs. Patricia Zurita
Mr. Jaime Porras.
Mr. Luis Alvarado
Mrs. María de Lourdes Porras
Ms. Elsa Ortiz currently in force

From 2002 to 2004
From 2004 to 2006 and 2006 to 2008 From 2008 to 2011
From 2011 to 2012

Among the activities to commemorate the National Day of Ecuador are:

-Miss Ecuador NJ- Election and Coronation of the Queen of Ecuadorians in New Jersey
– Mass of the Ecuadorian Unit
-Gala Banquet- Cóndor Prize Awards to outstanding personalities in the community. – Ecuadorian State Parade of New Jersey, with the participation of Ecuadorian and other nationalities, cultural and social organizations, folkloric groups, dance groups, sponsoring artists, beauty queens and the general public that give brightness to the event.
-Fiesta Ecuadorian New Jersey- Meeting with the most renowned interpreters of popular music, exhibition-selling handicrafts and typical Ecuadorian food.

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